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H7:  Participation in Government                                                   Ms. Butkowski, Teacher


Unit: United States Foreign Policy


Enduring Question:  How does United States self-interest inform policy decisions?


Objectives:  Students will be able to:

1.      Understand U.S. foreign policy over time.

2.      Explain why it was in the nation’s self-interest to maintain isolation for 150 years.

3.      Explain the world issues that concern the United States today.

4.      Provide examples of foreign policy actions and evaluate the extent to which the results of these actions that promoted the nation’s self interest.

5.      Evaluate UPFRONT articles on world issues. (Africa)(Middle East)

6.      Explain why foreign policy decisions are based on national self-interest.

7.      Use key terms (vocabulary) with 85% accuracy in written assignments.

8.      Organize and write a thematic essay on U.S. Foreign Policy.


Key Vocabulary:  Foreign policy, Washington’s Farewell Address, Isolationism, collective security, foreign aid, humanitarianism, Self-Interest


G3/G4.  UPFRONT WORLD AFFAIRS, 2011, Almanac, starting on page 13. Complete organizer  Key Foreign Policy Challenges.  Writing assignment:  Describe how United States Foreign Policy has changed since George Washington’s Farewell Address.  Why do you think that the country moved away from his advice?


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G5.  UPFRONT articles.  Read the articles and write a detailed paragraph about each, that answers the following questions:

1.      Identify the problem.  Discuss the circumstances surrounding the issue.

2.      What is United States foreign policy with this issue? (actions taken by the government)

3.      Evaluate the extent to which the action promoted the nation’s self-interest.

4.      Give your opinion about the issue.


1.      October 4th Issue:  Armed & Underage, page 6


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2.      November 22nd Issue:  Is Your Phone A Cause Of War?, page. 10

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3.      October 4th Issue:  Over a Barrel, page 17


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Directions: Write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several paragraphs addressing the task below, and a conclusion.


Theme: Foreign Policy

United States foreign policy actions have often been based on national Self-interest. These actions have had immediate and long-term results.



Identify two important United States foreign policy actions and for each:

• Discuss the historical circumstances surrounding the action

• Discuss one immediate or one long-term result of the action

• Evaluate the extent to which the action promoted the nation’s self-interest


You may use any important foreign policy actions:  The Persian Gulf War (1991), the War in Afghanistan, (2001), Conflict with Iraq (2003), Humanitarian aid given to Africa .

You are not limited to these suggestions.


In your essay, be sure to:

Develop all aspects of the task

Support the theme with relevant facts, examples, and details

Use a logical and clear plan of organization, including an introduction and a conclusion

that are beyond a restatement of the theme